Upcoming Events


M3 Men's Breakfast / Aug. 3 / 8:30 am

Join the Men's Movement at Life Church and gather with other men who are serving & leading. Breakfast is served at 8:30 followed by a brief meeting and a few projects. The men are currently meeting on Wednesday evenings for "The Promise Principle", available at the Connect Counter. 


FIRST Sunday / Aug. 4 / Pre-service Prayer/ 10:21

Join others who are Making a Difference by giving something extra on the FIRST Sunday of each month to assist our Frontline Partners Todd & Donna Funk in August / Missionaries to New Zealand. All gifts will go toward assisting with their airfare as they come stateside to visit family and get refreshed.                    “Pray, Give & Go”

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Child Dedication / Sept. 1, 2019

Child dedication is the act of giving back to God the gift he has given you as parents. If you have completed Planted in Life, stop by the Connect Counter or REGISTER online today. You can also text CHILD to 972-525-8887 to register.


Planted in Life is the First Step in our Growth Track. Hosted quarterly, this is a very nice casual dinner with our Pastors and Staff. Whether you are new here or you’ve been coming for awhile, this is where you will hear the heartbeat of our Church and learn who we are. Realizing that the Lord places people in spiritual families (Churches), and that there are as many different churches represented in the Body of Christ as there are available flavors of ice cream, Planted in Life is about exploring church membership to see if Life Church might be your “flavor”.

REGISTER HERE for our next Planted in Life session. (Childcare is provided.)


GROWing in Life is the second step in our Growth Track. It consists of one Sunday night session that will equip you with the 4 essentials of healthy spiritual growth. When we are born again and made new, it takes place instantly, but GROWing in Life is a journey. Sadly, many believers seem to stagnate and even stop growing for one reason or another. In our commitment to help people GROW in Christ, we have narrowed our approach to focus on 4 essentials that we guarantee will produce spiritual growth when applied.

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Flourishing in Life is the Third Step in our Growth Track and is hosted on a Sunday night. In this session, you will be encouraged to explore your unique design for ministry by completing several profiles and assessments. It’s through understanding your own uniquely designed personality, coupled with the spiritual gifts and passions that God has given you that will truly lead to discovering your destiny and Flourishing in Life. Proverbs 25:2 says it’s God’s privilege to conceal things and our privilege to discover them.

REGISTER HERE for Flourishing in Life.